Fairground Frieze Scroll


'Fairground Frieze' as referenced in the Victoria & Albert Museum © V&A
‘Fairground Frieze’ as referenced on the Victoria & Albert Museum’s website © V&A
Title Fairground Frieze
Artist John Doman Turner
Date c. 1934
Medium Scroll, Pencil and watercolour on paper
Dimensions Height: 22.5 cm, Length: 743 cm
Distinguishing marks  
Source V&A: http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O120957/fairground-frieze-drawing-turner-john-doman/

Supporting notes

As part of our research, we were able to identify this piece of work as John Doman Turner’s. We tracked it down at V&A’s Blythe House in 2016.

Described as a “very long paper frieze rolled around wooden ‘cotton reel’ composed of a series of pencil drawings and watercolours in several hands of various fairground scenes and attractions including images of Gallopers, a fair on Southwold Common, Pinder’s Circus at Southwold, Trinity Fair at Southwold, Clyde and Staffs Cottages, fairground workers and fairground booths, 1934. That scroll was purchased for the Theatre Museum in London in the early 1980’s.”




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